Military Veterans

NAFA works with production companies and film departments to hire active and retired U.S. military veterans to work in the film industry.

Handicapped & Disabilities

The proper and respectful representation of people with disabilities in motion pictures is one of NAFA’s most important programs.

Women Storytellers
in Film

NAFA helps women break through barriers and supports female written stories with strong female characters and female production teams.

Films & Documentaries

NAFA supports independent films, documentaries and docudramas. Discover history, drama, true crime, war, space, science, comedy and more.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Through Fiscal Sponsorship, NAFA is able to help independent films and documentaries take tax deductible donations and grants.

North American
Film Festival

North American Film Festival is a 3-day event held annually to celebrate the art of film-making and storytelling across Indy film and documentary categories.